Labor Clubs

There are labor legislative clubs established throughout the St. Louis area and other parts of Eastern Missouri. Every union person should become a member of a club established in your area. Get involved and help elect candidates who will help us in our struggle to provide decent lives for our families. To join, come to the next meeting—or contact a spokesman for the club nearest you.

Franklin County Labor/Political Committee

First Monday of the month
General: 7:30 pm
Hagie’s 19th Hole

President: John Smreker (Ironworkers 396)
1655 Ebenezer Rd, Leslie MO 63056

Recording Secretary: Steve Straatmann (Operators 513)

Jefferson County Labor Club

Second Monday of the month
Eboard: 6:00 pm, General: 7:00 pm
Jefferson County Labor Office

President: Bart Valasco (IBEW 1 retired)
2109 Devonshire, Imperial MO 63052

Treasurer: Steve Markus (Carpenters retired)

Mineral Area Legislative Club

First Tuesday of the month
7:00 pm
American Legion

President: Travis Barnes (Ironworkers 396)
P.O. Box 92 Farmington MO 63640

Financial Secretary: Lee Asher (IBEW 1)

North County Labor Club

First Monday of the month
Eboard: 6:30 pm, General: 7:00 pm
Aerospace Lodge

President: Fredrick C. Searcy, Jr.
P.O. Box 2165 Florissant, MO. 63032

Vice President: Randolph S. Schroeder

Treasurer: Michael Yates

Recording Secretary: Frank Schuette (PnP 562)

Rockwood Labor Club

Fourth Wednesday of the month
General: 7:00 pm
Eureka Pacific Elks Lodge

President: Marty McClimens (PnP 562)
P.O. Box 31, Arnold MO 63025

Second Contact: Jeff Abouisse

South County Labor Political Organization

Genesis Banquet Center
(314) 894-7073

President: Scott Ramshaw

First Vice-President: Jim Barrett

Second Vice-President: Ed Koeller

Treasurer: Mike O'Connell

Recording Secretary: Bernie Ryan

For information, please contact Bernie Ryan at

St Louis City Labor Club

Second Thursday of the month
7:00 pm
St Louis Police Officers Association

President: Dave Holmes (PnP 562 retired)
500 Talcott Ave, St Louis, MO 63147

Vice President: Jimmy Clifford (Sprinkler fitters 268)

Treasurer: Shawn Milligan (PnP 562)

Tri-County Labor Club

First Tuesday of every month
Eboard: 6:00 pm, General: 6:30 pm
Tri-County Labor Club

President: Joe Mueller (Painters, Drywall Finishers & Glaziers, District Council 58)
10 Droste Square, St Charles, MO 63301

Vice President: Dick Kellett (PnP 562)

Warren County Labor Club

First Thursday of the month
Eboard: 6:00 pm, General: 6:30 pm
Social House

President: Rod Herrmann (Gas Workers Local 11-6)

Vice President: Steve Dussold (IBEW 1)