Right to Work – ANY DAY

Tri-county Members –

The House could bring Right to Work to the floor any day now. It’s already passed the Senate. They want to get it done fast, so they can ignore our objections.

Our chance to stop Right to Work is THIS WEEK.

We know the out of state corporate interests that lobbied for this bill also bought and paid for Governor Greitens’ support. He’ll sign it as soon as it gets to his desk, without considering the salaries it will lower, or the families it will hurt.

We can’t let it get to that point.

Show them Missourians don’t want this dangerous legislation by joining us at the Capitol this Thursday at 9:00am.

Together, we can make sure that our voices, Missouri voices, are heard. Together, we can stop Right to Work.

Thank you,
Jake Hummel
Secretary Treausurer, Missouri AFL-CIO

Connect the Dots

Tri-Co Members,

If you had any doubts that the attacks on workers this legislative session are all connected, today’s action by the House Workforce Committee should lay them to rest.

Yesterday the Committee voted to send Paycheck Deception, “Right to Work” and anti-prevailing wage bills to the House – FOUR unfair and unnecessary pieces of legislation.

It is ironic and disappointing that the Workforce Development and Workplace Safety Committee would approve this laundry list of bills – an agenda that won’t develop any jobs nor protect the safety of Missourians at work. In fact, they would make it more difficult for Missourians to provide for their families and would make workplaces in our state less safe. Take action today to make sure your elected officials as well as friends and family knows what’s at stake. 

‘Right to work,’ paycheck deception and attacks on important prevailing wage protections would take our state in the wrong direction.

Help stop these unfair bills. Click to make a phone call and attend the Urgent Member Meeting closest to you. If there isn’t one in your area, check your email as we will let you know as more are scheduled across the state.

Instead of partisan politics at their worst, let’s hope members of the House will listen to voices of reason in both parties and put Missouri working families ahead of out-of-state special interest groups pushing for these dangerous and unfair bills. Your voice can make a big difference.

Make that call, attend your local Urgent Member Meeting. Help stop these unfair attacks on collective bargaining.

Call your Representative at 888-825-1418

Attend an Urgent Member Meeting: 

Jefferson County
Tonight, 2/11 at 6 pm
Rickman Auditorium
745 Jeffco Blvd
Arnold, MO 63010

St. Louis City
February 13th- 7:00
Police Officers Association,
3710 Hampton Avenue
St. Louis, MO 63109

Southeast Missouri
February 18th- 6:30
Laborers’ Hall Local 1104
773 Enterprise Street
Cape Girardeau, MO 63703
(Doors open at 5:30)

St. Joseph
February 24th -6:30
1222 S 10th Street,
St. Joseph, MO 64503
(Doors open at 6:00)

STL Rockwood
February 26th- 7:00
Eureka-Pacific Elks Lodge,
19 W 1st Street
Eureka, MO 63025

STL South County
February 27th- 7:00
Genesis Banquet Center, 2651 Telegraph Road
St. Louis MO 63125

Franklin County
March 3rd – 7:30
Hagies 19th Hole, 618 N Washington Avenue
Union, MO 63084

March 4th- 7:00
#10 Droste Square,
St. Charles, MO 63301
(Behind Tubby’s)

In Solidarity,


Mike Louis,
Secretary Treasurer
Missouri AFL-CIO

New Study Shows Construction Contractor CEO Pay Drops Dramatically in Right-to-Work States

Building & Construction Trades Department, AFL-CIO

January 29, 2014

Dear Tri-County Members

For those of you living in states that are contemplating the enactment of a “Right-to-Work” law, you should download a new study that has some surprising conclusions.

This study, which was released today, concludes that construction contractor CEO income falls dramatically in states that adopt “Right-to-Work” (RTW) laws!

That’s right.  Construction contractor CEO incomes fall precipitously when RTW laws are enacted.

Authored by Frank Manzo of the Illinois Economic Policy Institute (ILEPI) and Bob Bruno of the University of Illinois, the study, titled Which Labor Market Institutions Reduce Income Inequality? Labor Unions, Prevailing Wage Laws, and Right-to-Work Laws in the Construction Industry, also finds that prevailing wage laws did a good job matching common construction rates with the actual market price of labor, and increasing worker incomes by just 1.2 percent.

On the other hand, they have no negative effect on the total incomes of contractor CEOs. Prevailing wage laws, the data show, reduce income inequality between the highest earners and the lowest earners of the construction industry by 45.1 percent.

These conclusions support and build upon prior research by ILEPI and the University of Illinois, which found that repealing Illinois’ prevailing wage law would cost the state a 3,300 net loss of jobs, a $365 million decline in construction worker earnings, an annual contraction of more than $1 billion in the state’s gross domestic product, and a combined $160 million lost in state, local, and federal tax revenues. The study also found that prevailing wage laws support construction apprenticeship programs, with participation rates that are 1.7 to 1.9 times those of states without prevailing wage laws.

Co-author Bruno noted in a recent news article that “a policy like the prevailing wage law is one of those safeguards that protects Illinois’ economy and workplace. Any efforts to change, alter, or weaken it would put one of the most important pillars of a middle-class economy in the state at risk.”

Conversely, right-to-work laws reduce the incomes of both construction workers and contractor CEOs.

Right-to-work reduces construction occupation worker incomes by 13.5 percent. Because it lowers wages in the state economy and reduces consumer demand, CEOs of construction firms also see income reductions due to the policy. Overall, in addition to drops in total incomes, right-to-work increases inequality by between 2.5 and 8.2 percent in construction.

Finally, labor unions raise construction occupation workers’ incomes by 21.7 percent on average and are the most effective institution at reducing income inequality: a construction industry union membership rate that is 10 percentage-points higher in a state would reduce income inequality by between 4.7 and 14.5 percent in the industry.

Accordingly, construction workers in collective bargaining states and prevailing wage law states earn higher, more equitable total incomes than their counterparts in right-to-work states and states without prevailing wage laws.

The median construction worker in a collective bargaining state earned 26.7 percent more than the median construction worker in a right-to-work state.

The median construction worker in a prevailing wage law state made 16.7 percent more than the median worker in states without the law.

If income inequality is to be addressed, America should start with an industry that has proven institutions which support a good wage and generate positive economic development impacts for local businesses.

This study convincingly finds that pro-worker policies are the best strategy for raising worker incomes, increasing consumer demand, and reducing inequality in the construction industry.


Tom Owens
Director of Marketing and Communications

Engaging and Educating Your Missouri State Legislators about Right to Work

Below is a lengthy presentation about how to engage and educate your Missouri state legislators.  This is an extremely important document given the renewed vigor of many in the Missouri State Legislature to support “Right to Work” legislation.

The document attached is in PDF form and requires you to have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer.  Adobe Acrobat Reader is a free piece of software and is safe to use.  Many new browsers will open this document directly without the need to download software.

Please take the time to read the document and familiarize yourself with the presentation.

Engaging and educating your Missouri State Legislators


Please take Poll: Vote No! for Right to Work

The Southeast Missourian has a poll today, asking if Missouri should become a so-called “Right to Work” state. Please take a minute and vote NO in the poll. 

Missourians voted overwhelmingly against “Right to Work” (for less) years ago, and there has consistently been broad bipartisan opposition to such a law here. Now that extreme politicians rammed through “Right to Work” for less in Michigan, some people are bringing this tired idea up in Missouri.Click here to vote NO in the poll.

So-called “Right to Work” laws have nothing to do with rights at work or creating jobs- but they have been proven to lower wages. These are just one more attack on middle class workers to benefit greedy CEOs and special interests.

Take a moment and send a strong message that Missourians oppose “Right to Work” for less. Vote NO in the SEMO poll, located along the sidebar of the newspaper’s homepage. 

URGENT: Help Stop Right to Work in Michigan

This is urgent.

Extreme Tea Party legislators in Michigan’s state house and senate rammed through partisan legislation that would destroy Michigan’s middle class by driving down wages, taking away the voice on the job for workers and making it easier to outsource jobs.

In a move eerily reminiscent of Wisconsin, Indiana and Ohio, lawmakers locked the doors to the State Capitol to stop thousands of working families from making their voice heard. They even had people pepper sprayed for trying to raise their concerns about these destructive measures.

Michigan working families, though, aren’t going to let them silence their voices and we can’t let them either.

Call Michiganders right now to spread the word and tell them to contact Gov. Snyder to let him this legislation is wrong for Michigan.

Polls show this corporate-driven agenda to attack hardworking Michiganders who teach Michigan children, protect streets across the state, keep Michigan working families healthy and build roads and vehicles is not what Michigan voters want.

But legislators, CEOs and right-wing millionaires are pushing to pass these measures before the end of the year to build their own power and make the growing gap between the rich and everyone else even bigger. And Governor Snyder says he may fall in line.

We need to put a stop to these divide and conquer tactics and send a message to other extremist politicians who may be thinking about pushing similar measures in Missouri.

Start making calls now to stop this attack on Michigan’s middle class from passing:


In Solidarity,

Hugh McVey, President
Missouri AFL-CIO

P.S. You can also show your solidarity with Michigan by signing on to support this social media action.