Protect Missouri’s Middle Class

Now’s the time to take action and protect Missouri’s middle class. According to recent news reports, extremists are “set to strike in the General Assembly,” scheming to ram through paycheck deception and “right to work.”

Both are political attacks meant to shut down the voices of hard working Missourians and limit our rights on the job.

You can help create a firewall against these attacks. Call your senator at 1-888-907-9711 and urge their opposition to these bills.

“Right to work” is a ripoff. So is paycheck deception.

It was true when Missouri voters overwhelmingly rejected “right to work” at the ballot box and it couldn’t be more true today. Extreme politicians are pushing these bills hard—all to reward the CEOs and special interests who funnel money into elections and expect political payback.

Divisive bills like these won’t create any jobs and won’t fix what’s wrong with our state. They will just make it harder for us to join together and work for better wages and benefits, safer workplaces and fight discrimination.

I’m counting on you to call today. Call 1-888-907-9711 now and tell your senator to vote against “right to work” and paycheck deception—we need good jobs here in Missouri, not dangerous legislation that would hurt the middle class.

In solidarity,

Hugh McVey
President, Missouri AFL-CIO

P.S. After you make the call, click here to send an email to your senator and help stop these unsafe, unfair and unnecessary bills.

Right To Work Hearing 2/6/13

There will be a Right To Work Hearing in Jefferson City on Wednesday morning Feb.6th at 8:00 AM. We need to pack the Capitol. We need as many members there as we can.  Please be there prior to 8:00 AM to occupy the hearing room. Below is a letter to the Post Dispatch in this mornings paper.
Thank you!

Right-to-work legislation goes against principles of responsibility

The state representative for Eureka and most of Pacific, Republican Tim Jones, has been caught on audio tape bragging about trying to lower wages in Missouri.

In the tape, Rep. Jones confesses he has been talking with legislators from Michigan on ways to spin right-to-work legislation to unsuspecting Missourians. Of course, Rep. Jones knows that residents of right-to-work states earn $1,500 less per year than workers in states like Missouri, according to the Economic Policy Institute.

Mr. Jones was speaking to an audience of corporate bosses and CEOs when he was caught on tape. These folks know they have to spin this legislation because it perverts the American belief in responsibility. In fact, all right-to-work does is allow workers represented by a union to avoid paying dues while still receiving all the representation services and contractual benefits of the union.

In the interests of fairness. I wonder if Rep. Jones is huddling with lawmakers from other states to push legislation that will require corporations, lobbying groups like the Chamber of Commerce, even neighborhoods to provide their goods and services free of charge to anyone who wants them? For example, will neighborhood associations have to put up with the freeloader who moves in knowing there are association fees to provide the pool, park, and road services that make the neighborhood a good place to live?

Rep. Tim Jones and his corporate supporters may have gotten used to the idea that society owes them, that they can take from communities without compensation, but most Missourians feel differently. In a responsible society, responsible people pay for what they use.

Darin Gilley  •  Pacific

Please take Poll: Vote No! for Right to Work

The Southeast Missourian has a poll today, asking if Missouri should become a so-called “Right to Work” state. Please take a minute and vote NO in the poll. 

Missourians voted overwhelmingly against “Right to Work” (for less) years ago, and there has consistently been broad bipartisan opposition to such a law here. Now that extreme politicians rammed through “Right to Work” for less in Michigan, some people are bringing this tired idea up in Missouri.Click here to vote NO in the poll.

So-called “Right to Work” laws have nothing to do with rights at work or creating jobs- but they have been proven to lower wages. These are just one more attack on middle class workers to benefit greedy CEOs and special interests.

Take a moment and send a strong message that Missourians oppose “Right to Work” for less. Vote NO in the SEMO poll, located along the sidebar of the newspaper’s homepage. 

URGENT: Help Stop Right to Work in Michigan

This is urgent.

Extreme Tea Party legislators in Michigan’s state house and senate rammed through partisan legislation that would destroy Michigan’s middle class by driving down wages, taking away the voice on the job for workers and making it easier to outsource jobs.

In a move eerily reminiscent of Wisconsin, Indiana and Ohio, lawmakers locked the doors to the State Capitol to stop thousands of working families from making their voice heard. They even had people pepper sprayed for trying to raise their concerns about these destructive measures.

Michigan working families, though, aren’t going to let them silence their voices and we can’t let them either.

Call Michiganders right now to spread the word and tell them to contact Gov. Snyder to let him this legislation is wrong for Michigan.

Polls show this corporate-driven agenda to attack hardworking Michiganders who teach Michigan children, protect streets across the state, keep Michigan working families healthy and build roads and vehicles is not what Michigan voters want.

But legislators, CEOs and right-wing millionaires are pushing to pass these measures before the end of the year to build their own power and make the growing gap between the rich and everyone else even bigger. And Governor Snyder says he may fall in line.

We need to put a stop to these divide and conquer tactics and send a message to other extremist politicians who may be thinking about pushing similar measures in Missouri.

Start making calls now to stop this attack on Michigan’s middle class from passing:

In Solidarity,

Hugh McVey, President
Missouri AFL-CIO

P.S. You can also show your solidarity with Michigan by signing on to support this social media action.

Please Bring Can Goods to December Meeting

Our December meeting will be next Tuesday December 4th. As we have done in the past the E-board will meet for a short meeting at 6:00 pm. After the E-Board meeting the Missouri State AFL-CIO will be presenting a plaque in honor of Greg Booth for all his hard work with Tri-County Labor Club.  As we do every year at our December meeting we ask everyone that attends to please bring can goods that we will be giving to Sts Joachim & Ann Care Service who provides for the needy in St.Charles, Lincoln and Warren counties.

Two more days

We need help tomorrow Monday November 5th to put signs up at the polls for our endorsed candidates. We will meet at Tri-County HQ after work. This shouldn’t take long.

Also if you didn’t sign up to work the polls on election day at the meeting the other night, we could use your help for a for a couple of hours. Please contact one of the candidates below.

Rob Hoffman – 636-634-0036 State Rep. 107
Terry Lesinski – 636-926-3445 State Rep.104th.
Bill Otto – 314-397-6042 State Rep 70th
Morton Todd – 636-288-4373 State Rep.106th
Wayne Henke – 636-528-6714 State Rep. 64th
Jerry Daugherty – 636-448-4898 St. Charles County Council

For the full list of endorsed candidates go to

Rally/Walk for Morton Todd and Jay Nixon

On Saturday, meet at Jay Nixon’s St. Charles office is located at 327 Droste Road, St. Charles, MO 63301 at 9AM to walk for our own Morton Todd.

Join Jay Nixon, Susan Montee, Clint Zweifel, Jason Kander and Chris Koster at the Nixon campaign HQ at 327 Droste Road at 11am on Saturday.  We’ll be kicking off our biggest GOTV ever in St Charles County. Let’s bring in a winner for all of them. For information call Dominick 417-459-3542