Right to Work – ANY DAY

Tri-county Members –

The House could bring Right to Work to the floor any day now. It’s already passed the Senate. They want to get it done fast, so they can ignore our objections.

Our chance to stop Right to Work is THIS WEEK.

We know the out of state corporate interests that lobbied for this bill also bought and paid for Governor Greitens’ support. He’ll sign it as soon as it gets to his desk, without considering the salaries it will lower, or the families it will hurt.

We can’t let it get to that point.

Show them Missourians don’t want this dangerous legislation by joining us at the Capitol this Thursday at 9:00am.

Together, we can make sure that our voices, Missouri voices, are heard. Together, we can stop Right to Work.

Thank you,
Jake Hummel
Secretary Treausurer, Missouri AFL-CIO