Rallying to stop RTW for less


Sisters and Brothers, Friends and Neighbors

As far as we can tell Right to Work for less aka RIPOFF, will be on the House floor for debate tomorrow. Assuming that it is voted and passes it will go through the motions of 3rd read in the House on Thursday and be reported to the Senate on Thursday afternoon.

That being said, anyone who can be in Jeff City in the Capitol tomorrow to fill the house galleries should be there. We need to show strength as we approach our ballot work.
After it is reported on in the Senate on Thursday, next week’s schedule becomes very unpredictable. We need to have people in the Capitol on Tuesday and Wednesday for sure. I have talked with President Dujakovich and President White from Kansas City and St Louis respectively. This is our plan.

Anyone who can be in Jefferson City on both days should be here, if you can only make one of the days Kansas City is trying to fill the Senate Gallery on Tuesday and St Louis is trying to fill the Gallery on Wednesday. Again, all are welcome on both or either day if that is what your schedule permits. As RTW progresses so will our actions in Jefferson City and around the State and I will do my very best to keep everyone informed.
We as workers in this state have never been treated as second class citizens the way we have been since the first day of this administration’s term.

I look forward to working, protesting and fighting side by side all of you until we see this battle through. Losing this fight is not an option!

Yours in solidarity,

Michael Louis
President, Mo AFL-CIO
227 Jefferson St.
Jefferson City, Mo. 65101
Office 573-634-2115
Cell 314-378-8198