BBQ Help at Celebrate St. Peters

The St. Charles Dems are looking for our help this weekend, stop by the St. Charles County Democrats Food Tent for tasty porksteaks during Celebrate St. Peters.  The team will be grilling Friday Night through Sunday. If you’d like to volunteer to work the tent please contact Morton Todd (Tri-County member) at 636-288-4373.

Poco and Pure Prairie League to Headline at Celebrate St. Peters
The Smash Band Gets the Party Started Opening Night

Website Announcement

Tri-Co Members,
  After a very long delay with our website being down and under construction, it is up and running. I would like to thank member Eric Seider for putting this all together and to member Ed Kiely for helping out and for maintaining the old site. Please visit the site, I think you will find it easier to get around then the old site, even though the old site did serve it’s purpose in it’s time. I think Brother Booth would be proud of this, he had a major part in getting this new site going but never got to see the finished